2023 Century Club Sponsored by Broken Clock Brewery

100 Holes in 1 Day


Registration includes Disc

*If you finish* you get your name on a plaque at Broken Clock Brewery

Entry is $20 and you get a disc and sample broken clock beer!!


Are you made of wrought iron disc golf fever? Does the thought of going full “Florida man” for a good cause get your heart pumping? Is your middle name “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop.” If you answered HELL YESS (or even, nah, that sounds like a bit much), do we have the event for you!
The Broken Clock Century Club at BRP is an unsanctioned, scores-don’t-matter disc golf marathon for a good cause. Entry gets you a disc (first 200 players), green’s fees and an air high five! All proceeds go to the Wildlife Service Center.
The format is simple. Check in at the registration table before each round and then throw until your arm falls off. Everyone who manages to card 100 holes (or more) gets their name on a plaque at Broken Clock’s tap room in Minneapolis.
Now, we know it takes a LONG time to play 100 holes, especially someplace as popular as BRP. So if you want to get a head start camping on site is available for only $10. And YES, you’ll be able to play the full 24 hours, but the check in table won’t be set up until sunrise. So, honor system!
here’s the good news- you get a disc whether you play 10 holes or a 1000! It’s tough enough to buy plastic for $20 these days, much less alongside a day pass to one of the world’s greatest courses.
Of course, there needs to be SOME competition, so there will be side prizes for Most Holes Played and Fastest Century. If you want to start as early as midnight, baskets will be lit up. There’s even camping on site for $10/night.

course location

1901 Klondike Dr NE,

East Bethel, MN 55011